About us

Phước Thành Co., Ltd is a professional contractor in manufacturing, fabrication and installation of tanks, pressure vessels, piping systems, steel structures and equipment for industrial projects such as power plants, petrochemical refineries, chemicals, cement, food …
We are constantly growing and expanding our reach, upgrading our facilities to better serve our customers everywhere, contributing to country’s industrialization and modernization. Find out more »

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Phước Thành Engineering and Trading Co., Ltd
Address: 42/2E Thới Tứ, Thới Tam Thôn, Hóc Môn, Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh
Tel: 0978 654 682
Fax: 0931 863 363
Email: info@phungluat.com.vn
Website: www.phungluat.com.vn