Steel structures fabrication & installation

Procurement, fabrication and installation of Steel structures, storage tanks, pressure vessels, piping system, machinery and industrial equipment

Steel Structure Corrosion Prevention

Survey and apply anti corrosion measures, blast and paint steel structures, pipeline systems, preventing natural and industrial degrade.

Industrial logistic service

Providing management and supervision services, providing manpower (skilled workers) and construction & handling equipment for industrial projects

Industrial plant maintenance

Performing whole plant maintenance, including machines and equipment, performing indoor & outdoor maintenance services.

Target customers:

+ Power plant

+ Petrol – Oil and Gas

+ Petrochemical plant

+ Cement plant

+ Steel Mills

+ Chemical and Food

+ And other industrial projects

About us

Phuoc Thanh Co., Ltd is a professional contractor in manufacturing, fabrication and installation of tanks, pressure vessels, piping systems, steel structures and equipment for industrial projects such as power plants, petrochemical refineries, chemicals, cement, food …
We are constantly growing and expanding our reach, upgrading our facilities to better serve our customers everywhere, contributing to country’s industrialization and modernization. Find out more »

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